Slides from Rob Woollen's keynote and from the panel on Database-as-a-Service have been posted on the program page.

Workshop Overview

Modern data management systems support a wide range of application workloads on an equally diverse range of platforms, from OLTP and decision-support systems, to key value stores, database-as-a-service platforms, and large scale data processing engines based on the MapReduce paradigm. Managing and configuring such systems requires skilled human administrators, who are becoming increasingly expensive to hire and hard to find. Enhancing systems with autonomic capabilities (i.e., capabilities for self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-healing and self-protecting) can drastically reduce administration overhead and hence cut down the total cost of ownership by a significant factor. Autonomic data management systems acquire new importance in the emerging landscape of cloud-computing and database-as-a-service platforms, where the administrators have to deal with systems of much larger scale, while taking into account economic factors.

The Sixth International Workshop on Self-Managing Database Systems (SMDB 2011) brings together researchers and practitioners in databases, machine learning and systems, to exchange and develop innovative ideas related to autonomic data management systems. SMDB 2011 will be a one-day workshop where accepted papers are presented in an informal and interactive setting. The workshop will open with a keynote presentation by Rob Woollen (CTO at, and will conclude in a round-table discussion with a panel of experts on self-manageability for database-as-a-service platforms. (The complete program can be found here.) Participation in the workshop is not limited to authors of accepted papers.

Previous workshops of the SMDB series focused on core topics in self-managing databases like automated tuning and provisioning, automated problem diagnosis and recovery, and automated data protection and integration. SMDB 2011 will explore in addition emerging research areas such as cloud computing, database testing, multi-tenant databases and data-center administration, which require or could benefit from autonomic data management features.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Important Dates

Authors of accepted papers will be encouraged to submit a full paper of up to 8 pages for final publication. All papers accepted by the workshop will appear in the formal Proceedings of the Conference Workshops published by IEEE CS Press, and will therefore be included in the IEEE digital library.